Eat. Earth. Repeat.

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Desert Compost serves as a catalyst for social change and climate resilience that will strengthen our communities and help heal our planet

Community Garden in Pomona, CA. Soil in this garden was built onsite from community compost collected by FoodCycle.


Desert Compost will serve as the definitive resource for composting in the Coachella Valley through advocacy, consulting, and education.

Desert Compost attends a Soil Stewardship training, July 2021


Desert Compost organized as a Coachella Valley community initiative in 2021. We are passionate about strengthening local food systems, reducing landfill waste, restoring our soil, and helping our neighbors learn about composting as a way to conserve water, grow healthy food, and sequester carbon, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fights climate change. We want to heal our environment and keep organic resources close to home.

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